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Quality Assurance

Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. Is continuously striving for excellence in delivering IT services. This commitment to quality services mandates use of a formal quality management organizational structure that sets a bare minimum quality standard required to meet our client’s needs and expectations for quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Product quality is top priority for Cybernetics. We maintain the highest of standard in the selection of all products we add to our range. We believe in “Use First - Then Sell”. We don’t decide to add a product into our range just by looking at the trademark or the reading all the marketing speech/spiel. We decide by testing it and seeing how it performs. Most of the products we recommend we use in our own homes and offices too, and we wouldn’t use anything but the best. Cybernetics is able to ensure that the highest quality products are consistently delivered to our distributors and retail partners.

We are deeply committed to quality assurance in all of our processes, from product planning and development to material procurement, manufacture, distribution, sales, and services, in order to offer safe and reliable products to our customers

All for the quality
We offer products and service that meet or exceed relevant safety standards and will continue to respond to the desires of our customers and earn their trust.

  • Cybernetics wholeheartedly strives to offer products and services form the customer’s perspective.
  • We strive provide our customers with accurate information that is easy to understand. We earnestly listen to customer opinions and endeavor to reflect them in our products and services.
  • We abide by laws and regulations.
  • We place a very high priority on the safety of our products and services
  • We continue to quest for even greater product quality by reference to recognized international quality standards.
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