• Community Development for E-Nagarpalika / Gaupalika / Wada Office / District Administration Office

    Looking at the present status of Nepalese governance system in remote areas, it is still in backward and lack of many facilities. So for the purpose of development in remote areas, Cybernetics try to bring the light of hope through Innovative Smart solution named E-Nagarpalika /Gaoupalika/Wards for Fully Digitalized Public Services”. It is an industrial router which helps to provide all the information related to municipality clerical works in offline basis to general public.

  • SMART Banking Customer Services

    Realizing the importance of ICT in daily life- in personal as well as business/social /government organization, Cybernetics has come up with the Innovative Smart Solution named as SMART Banking Customer Services in association with Nepal Telecom. Through this innovative solution, banking organization can easily translucent their any information to desired or large no of general people for 24×7 hours a day, whenever they want both online and offline basis.

  • Smart ICT Based Education System for community schools

    SMART REMOTE EDUCATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for community/government schools would be an important infrastructure for improving quality of education in rural areas, reducing gap between urban and rural areas and overall development of the country.

  • NT Bus Internet

    Nepal Telecom’s bus internet (NT Bus Internet) provides Wi-Fi connectivity for any Wi-Fi built-in portable devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on to connect to the internet while travelling in the bus. It can be used in bus, minibus, microbus as well as large touring coaches. It has a local media storage facility. It facilitates watching offline movies, videos, listening songs, downloading applications and games in their respective devices.