Community Development MIS

Based on an understanding of the working of several municipal, district, and state government hospitals, schools and transportation.

Smart Community Development Technology.

Make your all clerical task of governance simple, easy and quick.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our daily life that is academic, domestic, social or business. Digital computer and networking has changed our economy concept to the fact that the economy is with no boundary in time and space because of ICT. Community Development MIS brings a lot of advantages for economic development enabling millions of transactions to happen in an easy and fast way.

With Community Development MIS, any government organization can make their work easier to happen by connecting to their all social government bodies and public through ICT. Realizing the importance of ICT in daily life- in personal as well as social /government, Cybernetics has come up with the SMART FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET TERMINAL FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT in association with Nepal Telecom where government bodies can easily translucent their information to desired or large no of people whenever they want at a click.


The objective is to contribute in the development of Smart City. Our key areas are as follows:

  • Municipality /VDC/Ward sector
  • Health
  • Education
  • Transportation


  •  Help to create a free Wi-Fi zone and mobile hotspot with fast internet access.
  •  All the information of municipality can be accessed offline by the public easily.
  •  The application forms like the form of citizenship, marriage certificate, passport, etc. can be easily downloaded offline from any devices like mobiles, laptops and so on.
  •  The contents can be updated and changed as per the requirement.
  •  A Meeting can be conducted in emergency cases like natural calamities, strikes, etc through online such as video conferencing.
  •  Help to keep detail record and make report for all official activities.
  •  Blacklisting of unnecessary or heavy data consuming websites
  •  Remote monitoring, management and maintenance services are also available in this system.