Health MIS

Design and development of a management information system (MIS) to plan and monitor the delivery of healthcare services.

Smart Health Solution Technology

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The Health Management Information System (Health MIS) is a set of integrated components and procedures organized with an objective of generating information which will improve health care management decisions at all levels of the health system. It is also a routine monitoring system that plays a specific role in the monitoring and evaluation process.


  • To provide easy offline health related contents and internet access in remote area’s health sector and communities in order to aware and improve the health of remote areas.
  • To provide graphical statistics and retrieval of relevant, up-to-date and demand driven data and information of health via remote monitoring and management system.


  • User can track and record their health status
  • Applications, audio and health related videos, can be installed in its memory card and can be updated all the contents as desired and viewed offline easily.
  • Remote monitoring, management and maintenance services are also available in this system
  • Information about diseases and detail contact of hospitals, doctors, ambulance, etc can also be available as desired