Smart Banking Customer Services

Enhancing financial inclusion through digitalization of banking services and make DIGITAL NEPAL.

Smart Banking Customer Services

Realizing the importance of ICT in daily life- in personal as well as business/social /government organization, Cybernetics has come up with the Innovative Smart Solution named as Smart Banking Customer Services in association with Nepal Telecom .Through this innovative solution, banking organization can easily translucent their any information to desired or large no of general people for 24×7 hours a day, whenever they want both online and offline basis. This innovative smart solution is an industrial router which is based on CDMA/GSM technology. So, it can be easily operated in remote as well as urban areas of any part of Nepal.


There is facility of rich content storage.

Can operate 24 x7 hours a day which gives the concept of 24x7 hour Bank Opening.

Consumer can even get the full information and banking facilities/services in the absence of respective staff which help to save the time and effort

Applications, audio and music videos, which constitutes of entertainment materials can be installed in its memory card. The videos can be streamed offline and the applications can be download offline as well in any devices like mobiles, laptops and so on. Then, the downloaded applications can be used. This facilitates huge data saving as internet connection will not be required to access them.

Customer can easily get the information about banks and also enjoy the many application in offline while they are waiting in the long queue of bank

Bank forms and banking information, news, share information, CSR activities and other notices related to banks can be updated and can be accessed by customer easily in offline basis

Can be turned on 24 hours without heating problem.

Can Surf internet using CDMA/GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE network.

Easily and rapidly deployable.

Remote monitoring, management and maintenance services are also available in this system.

Blacklisting of unnecessary or heavy data consuming websites.

High Concurrency and rich contents storage. The contents can be changed or updated as required.

About 40 users can access the device at a time.

GPS Locator is available as an additional service which shows the exact location of devices.


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