ICT Based Education System

Improved student learning and better teaching methods

ICT Based Education System for Community and Government Schools in Remote Areas

In Nepal, education in the community schools is a very important infrastructure for development, which is still in dearth of physical facilities; unavailability of textbooks .Thus, the community school of rural area needs a creative ICT-based education system. Due to this, all students will get the similar curriculum which helps to reduce the digital divide between rural and urban areas. Smart ICT Based Education system helps to develop new learning pattern and reading habits in the children. Students can access to quality transition pathways from secondary school to further education, training or employment opportunities.


There is facility for rich content storage.

Can be turned on 24 hours without heating problem.

Can Surf internet using CDMA/GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE network.

Easily and rapidly deployable.

Remote monitoring, management and maintenance services are also available in this system.

Blacklisting of unnecessary or heavy data consuming websites.

High Concurrency and rich content storage. The contents can be changed or updated as required

About 40 users can access the device at a time

GPS Locator is available as an additional service which shows the exact location of devices.

Teachers and students’ records, school curriculum, results, education materials and other notices related to educations can be updated.

Applications, audio lectures and educational videos, which constitutes of learning materials can be installed on its memory card. The videos can be streamed offline and the applications can be downloaded offline as well in any devices like mobiles, laptops and so on. Then, the downloaded applications can be used. This facilitates huge data saving as internet connection will not be required to access them.


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