Technical Survey

We have conducted various technical surveys throughout the country

Our Technical Field teams went to a different part of our nation to survey various networks in various part of the country such as Rasuwa, Dhading, Nuwakot, Mugling, Baglung, Nepalgunj, Kaireni, Tanahun as well as different highway routes. We found out that in every places the network is not accurate. Our company focuses on the CDMA network Technology provided by the Nepal Telecom. The CDMA network coverage covers most of the area of Nepal. First, we gave priority to the CDMA network. And there are several devices we provide that is compatible with CDMA technology. Such as 3G routers, Dongle, NTBUS Internet, etc. As we went to various places, we faced various network issues. Some areas have high network coverage and some areas have low network coverage. The 3G router was very helpful as it helped us to check the network signal as well as which network type is connected. And for high network strength signal, NTBUS Internet was used.

From our survey, we get to know that the signal of the network is different in various places. Some places has good coverage of CDMA network and some places don’t. In such places the GSM network is acceptable and the signal is also good. Also, we found that the signal of the various ISP network coverage is limited in different places. So we provide the solution according to the network type and their signal.