Remote Education MIS

An integrated technology framework that automates the entire end-to-end management of education and its related information.

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Support in Child’s Development with fun, warmth, exploration, security and discovery.


Plans and strategies have been implemented for the improvement of community schools but the outcome is not good enough. The community schools in the remote and urban parts of the country should also be facilitated with ICT devices in order to increase the quality of education in city and rural areas. Similarly, for community schools, Remote Education MIS facilities would help them to garner additional resources that support schools’ teaching, learning goals and help in supporting  the concept of Smart City 2018.


  • To provide fast offline educational contents and internet access in remote area’s community schools in order to improve the education system and change the reading habits and behavior in children.
  • To provide graphical statistics and retrieval of relevant, up-to-date and demand driven data and information of schools via remote monitoring and management system.


SIBES, is an Remote Education MIS and educational tool developed by Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. that helps to incorporate community schools and authoritative government and non government body like INGOs. It helps in processing, storage, graphical statistical representation and retrieval of relevant, up-to-date and demand driven data and information of schools via remote monitoring and management for quality improvement in education.Smart ICT Based Education is a part of making Smart City.



    • Can view graphical and statistical representation of report for particular school or desired user.
    • Helps to identify as well as present all the list of total number of online and offline schools’ user.
    • Provides detail information about total Internet usage, total consumption of internet, last time internet usage, total flow of network, location of device, device properties, etc
    • User view, device wise and top Statistics wise report/data can be accessed for each school/desired user.
    • Provides analytics service to track and report online and offline contents’ traffic or usage.
    • Provide information about the devices whether it is switched on or off.
    • Can show the report and monitor data uses on daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
    • Can insert or update academic and non-academic educational contents as desired.
    • Provides internet facility in the remote areas or community schools.
    • Provides remote access and management.