Transport Monitoring MIS

The overall bus wifi solution integrating the Media Wi-Fi router with the busfree wifi system.

Smart Bus Technology

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Nepal Telecom’s bus internet (NT Bus Internet) provides Wi-Fi connectivity for any Wi-Fi built-in portable devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on to connect to the internet while travelling in the bus. Transport Monitoring MIS can be used in bus, minibus, microbus as well as large touring coaches.


  • To provide the connect of internet for web browsing, accessing social networking applications like viber, face book, etc.  in  moving vehicles .
  • To provide a local media storage facility which facilitates watching offline movies, videos, listening songs, downloading applications and games in their respective E- devices. 
  • To provide GPS feature that shows current location of the bus which can be used for proper management and tracking of the bus.
  • To provide remote access , which can be used to support, maintain and manage the buses.


  • Transport Monitoring MIS is designed for providing internet connections in the moving vehicle.
  •  Offline movies, music and video streaming to passengers in their own devices. Games, apps and lots of entertainment services can also be downloaded offline in their respective devices.
  • GPS Locator is available as an additional service
  • It has built-in plenty of storage capacity and the contents (Movies, Music) can be changed.
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance services are also available in this system