Customizable Services

We customized our product according to your need

Customizable Services

Whether a business requires regularly scheduled maintenance, content update, on-demand remote monitoring support or long-term maintenance support, Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. can offer a customizable service that fits the business needs of different users with its flexible maintenance and support plans, hardware and software upgrades and access to on-site or remote Cybernetics technical experts.

What Is It?

Cybernetics’s range of Customizable services includes:

Optimized Performance Services – These are extended support services that can be purchased on-demand for specific activities such as software installations, application upgrades, customized and specialized training programs and on-site or remote maintenance and configuration services

On Demand and Planned Support – On-Demand Support provides services upon user request, typically in reactive response to a problem at site whereas Planned On-Demand Support offers a low risk, proactive support framework by allowing for a defined number of service hours to be purchased on a time and expense basis, blacklisting of certain website.

Site Resident/Customer Dedicated Engineer – Through these programs, a plant site is supplied with one or more dedicated on-site and/or off-site engineers to perform advanced solutions services under the direction of the site personnel.

Current Cybernetics Customizable Services Sectors:

  • Nepalese Bank
  • Ministry of Defense Army
  • Municipality/VDC/WARDS

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