Workshop on Innovative Smart Solution at Park Village Resort

Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. is a company working in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunication Services within the country. Till now, we have conducted many workshop and events related to ICT based Education, Smart Governance Services, Smart Education, and Smart Transportation. Besides that, we also participate and get involved in many workshop related to IT, IOT and M2M.

On 11th May, 2018, Cybernetics participated in the workshop “ACCESSIBLE GOVERNANCE WITH ASSOCIATE BHARANG NEPAL”. In this workshop, Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd, Co-founder Mr. James Nyachhyon presented a detailed presentation about “IOT and SMART CITY CONCEPT” at Park Village Resort.

The main objective of this workshop was to provide service that meets the evolving expectations of citizens and businesses. The theme of this workshop was to provide Digital services that can empower citizens and broaden their engagement with government.